Maestro’s is the consulting team with real world experience in how to deliberately and efficiently grow a local business. We want to help other small business owners do the same.


  • Move your company to the next level of profitability.
  • Get more transparency into your finances.
  • Become more organized and efficient with your systems and processes.
  • Understand how to use your software to accomplish efficiency goals.
  • Become more comfortable delegating some of your responsibilities so you can focus on the parts of the job that you really enjoy.
  • Maintain a better work/life balance.

Systems Development

Creating and fine tuning your financial and organizational systems is an essential part of bringing your company to the next level.


When it’s time to clarify your vision for your company and figure out how your personal goals fit it with that, we can help.

Technology Solutions

Software and apps for small businesses can be hugely helpful, but can also hinder growth when they’re not being used to their potential.


Michael Hodgin started his own construction company in 2000 and has experienced first hand what leads to both success and failure when it comes to growing a company.  Now he wants to share what he has learned with other business owners.  Read more about Michael. 

Tammy Wilder is an Admin expert with a long career of helping small businesses improve organizational efficiency. She’s excited to be able to bring her experience to companies ready to take the next step. Read more about Tammy.