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In late 2018, after working together for 5 years and being friends for 25, Michael Hodgin and Tammy Wilder realized that their collective skills and experience could be harnessed to create a new venture that would allow them to help business owners who were in the same position that they once were: trying to rebuild a small construction company strategically and profitably but with limited knowledge of growth best practices specific to the industry. They started Maestro’s Toolbox in January 2019 so they could share their insights with other companies ready to step up to the next level of efficiency and sustainability. 


Maestro’s toolbox was wonderful to work with! They always met deadlines and exceeded my expectations with the deliverables. Tammy went above and beyond to answer questions and make sure we had everything we needed for implementation. I’m really looking forward to working with them again. 

Matt Kowalske
Owner, Kowalske Kitchen & Bath  


The Maestro’s team is a great asset.  They provide outstanding guidance and the much needed horsepower to take QBO and Buildertrend to the next level.  We’ll continue to use their help as we embark on new projects”  

Brad Smith
Owner, Pace Construction 


“Tammy is our go-to person for additional high-level support with client projects. When I met Tammy she was the Operations Administrator for a remodeling company. It was obvious that she was extremely skilled with all things tech and easily implemented new accounting methods. I was thrilled when she informed us that she was starting a administrative support and consulting company. Tammy is highly skilled, a pleasure to work with and very collaborative. Any company in need of simplified and accurate processes, accounting support or staff mentoring would be lucky to have Tammy as a contractor. She rocks!”

Jackie Shaw
 Get Organized! 


“Before Maestro’s, we had gone through a handful of bookkeepers and as an office admin, I was ready for a bookkeeper to stick. Not only did Tammy stick by getting us organized and caught up, for the first time in the history of our company, we have books and reports that are accurate. I specifically requested they get us in a position of being a “well oiled machine” and she did just that within a short amount of time. The service that Maestro’s provides is nothing short of amazing. They are knowledgeable, proactive, responsive and committed to say the least. As the office admin, I am happily off hands now and I have trusted Tammy to run with her expertise on a day to day basis.”

Celia Salazar
Office Administrator, 
Sardone Construction 

Michael Hodgin started his first construction company as a one-man-show in 2000, eventually growing Coleman Creek Construction to include a successful team of 15. Michael’s affinity for data analytics coupled with a keen sense of specificity and discernment have allowed him to develop proprietary systems that set Coleman Creek apart in the industry. Designed to eliminate unexpected variables and ensure accurate bids and realistic schedules, these processes have helped Coleman Creek become one of the most respected remodeling construction companies in Southern Oregon.

Michael joined Remodeler’s Advantage in 2016 in an effort to deliver the greatest possible value to his homeowner clients. Investing in the development of efficient systems for his own business inspired the creation of Maestro’s Toolbox. His ability to listen and provide efficient solutions make him a valuable asset to service industry professionals seeking methodical and sustainable growth. After 20 years of listening and responding to the needs of homeowners, Michael finds himself ready to provide the same level of service to other companies. 

Michael is a four-time Remodeler’s Advantage Impact Award nominee and his company was a member of the 2019 Big 50 and a finalist for the 2019 Fred Case Award He is committed to creating work environments that promote the health and well-being of his employees and is a passionate advocate of work/life balance.  

Listen to the PowerTips Unscripted podcast featuring Michael discussing his philosophy of tiered growth in construction. 

Listen to the PowerTips Unscripted podcast featuring Michael Using the Financial Review to Pivot to Profitability

Email: michael @ maestrostoolbox. com

Tammy Wilder started her administrative support career in 1999 and over the next two decades developed the skills and insights that she brings to Maestro’s Toolbox.  Her experience as a long-term admin employee working for three small companies over those years provided her with an understanding of both administrative functioning and navigating the nuances of things like company growth, management styles, employee morale, and workplace culture.

In 2013 Tammy joined Michael’s Coleman Creek Construction as the Operations Administrator and learned the ins and outs of running a construction company during a time of growth. She developed the internal processes and systems that made it possible for Coleman Creek to ultimately hire a full management and admin team, while at the same time helping to keep a busy company running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. During this time she was able to experience first-hand as an employee what’s needed on the ground and in the office to achieve the kind of measured, deliberate growth that Coleman Creek was able to accomplish.

Now, as the resident Technical and Admin expert at Maestro’s Toolbox, she helps clients with the logistics of accurate job costing & timekeeping, cleaning up financial accounts, developing organizational processes and procedures, advising on construction bookkeeping best practices, and integrating construction software programs with Quickbooks.

Email: tammy @ maestrostoolbox. com